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Why Choose Safety over Cheaper

Over the years, we have recieved and talked to many customers and potential customers. The major question these days seem to be “can we get a discount?” or ” Im going to try to find someone cheaper”.

Eventhough Pony Party Time strives to keep prices low and affordable compaired to our compettitors,
we cant emphasize enough when moms and dads are looking to book ponies and zoo animals for their childrens parties that “safety is better than a discount”.

We know that there are a lot of “back yard” animals (ponies) that sit and sit for a long time before being worked with. It its very important that animals, espeically ponies, are worked at least 4 times a week. This makes for a safer pony ride and well trained pony.

This is why we refuse to let our ponies sit all week long, then show up to your children’s birthday party and put someone in danger from fresh, untrained, frightened and uneducated ponies.

So remember the next time that you are booking a pony party, please remember, that a bargain may end up being a much BIGGER BARGAIN than you imagined (in a bad way).

Pony Party Time is licensed, insured, with happy.. clean.. washed/groomed animals that come to your party. We even decorate the ponies for FREE!! (no one else offers it)

Thank fully to our wonderful and as knowledgeable as possible; animal handlers/volunteers and trained riding ponies, we have had great luck in 0 accidents!! Pony Party Time not only works pony party rides and petting zoo’s, we are full time horse/pony trainers/educator of our own animals, showman/women, horseback riding instructors, equine competitors, farm animal care takers and much more. This means KNOWLEDGE & EXPERINCE in the horse industry and field. We dedicate our lives to horses, which means your getting more than just Pony Rides and Petting Zoo Animals for your party, your getting a peace of mind!!!

Now, remember, you are more likely to be in a reck in your car than on a pony, but many so called “pony companies” are not highly trained and skilled in pony handling/training which can spell trouble!!.

Wishing you the best experience on your birthday Party Pony Decisions, and we hope you’ll give us the chance to show you why we are different than the rest, in a good way.



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