Unicorn Rentals

Pricing, Details and Booking Page for Unicorn Rentals:

Our unicorn rentals can make your party magical and memorable!

Unicorn rentals are great for children birthday parties, special occasions, weddings, surprises, anniversaries & events!

Our unicorn rentals are decorated with our supplies or you can provide the decorations to incorporate on to the  Unicorn.

Note: we can omit any decoration for a more natural look upon request- 

Decorations are based on what we have available OR what you provide to us at your event to put onto the unicorn(s).

**Servicing Las Vegas Nevada, North Las Vegas Nevada or Henderson Nevada areas**.

Great for:

Birthday Parties

Event Rentals


Photography Sessions

UNICORN RENTAL (typically includes):

  • Golden Horned Unicorn, Glitter Hair, Roses around Neck and Glitter or Glossy Hoof Polish (*Subject to supplies available)
  • Unicorn Attendant to hold the unicorn while she meets and greets your guests, poses for pictures opportunities, assists with petting’s, and answers guest’s questions.
  • Travel to and from your event. (*within Las Vegas or Henderson Area Only- additional fees apply to travel outside these areas)
  • Offering Both White & Black Unicorn Options

SPECIAL APPEARANCE ANIMALS:  such as Unicorns, Golden Knight Pony (VGK), Llama, Alpaca or Mini Donkey are for Meet/Greeting Guests, Photo Opportunities, and Petting’s. They are NOT for Riding. (You wouldn’t ride a princess or Batman characters ). To preserve the “truth”, “Magic” & “Beauty” of the Special appearance animals, No one can ride on them. This Character rental is not “ride-able”.

Please add-on the Riding ponies or the Motorized pets on wheels if you want the children to ride. Or the Petting Zoo is a great option as another fun activity for all your guests to enjoy.

Pricing for Unicorn Rental:

  1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours
Special Appearance Unicorn $200 $300 $400

Add-On other rentals!

 Discounted Package Pricing:

** Must be booked for the same length and scheduled time frame as Unicorn for the discount pricing to be applied.

Add-On 1 Riding pony $60 (per hour)
Add-On 2 Riding Ponies $100 (per hour)
Petting Zoo $100 (per hour)
** Add-on specialty petting animals to your zoo
such as llama, alpaca, mini horse or mini donkey
Per hour/ per animal
Add-On 1 Motorized Pet on Wheels $50 (per Hour)
Add-On 2 Motorized Pets on Wheels $100 (per hour)
Add-On 3 Motorized Pets on Wheels $150 (per hour)
Add-On Fiesta Llama (special appearance) $100 (Per hour)
Add-On Fiesta Donkey (special appearance ($100 per hour)
Add- On small Bunny Zoo or Bunny Yoga $80 ( per hour)
Add-On Special Appearance Golden Knight pony $100 (per hour)


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Due to the nature of our work schedule (outdoors, traveling, etc)

AND to help prevent verbal miscommunication,

we offer customer service via email or text message 702-591-1942.

Please give us time to respond, we would love to help you!


Hire a UNICORN for your next:

  • Photography session   
  • Print/Ad/Film/Productions/Photography Sessions  
  • Birthday Party Character
  • Unicorn Lovers Celebration  
  • baby shower
  • Bachelorette party  
  • Fairy Tale Wedding
  • Unicorn Proposal
  • Adult Birthday Parties
  • Office Events
  • Surprise a Unicorn Lover!
  • or Walk the Bride down the Isle (WEDDINGS!)
  • Event Entertainment ~ & more!

Your guests can pet, meet & greet & have photo opportunities with a “realistic-looking” Unicorn! They do Exist!

Our Animal Attendant(S) will always be in attendance, either Holding the Unicorn (for pictures only) or supervising them while inside their very own “Princess Unicorn pen”.


All Pricing includes:

  • Over 15 years of providing our services. Experience is EVERYTHING!

  • Licensed, Insured, USDA Certified & Veterinarian Health Certs.

  • Certified in Animal therapy & activities.

  • IPTouch Certified in Animal Massage & Care.

  • Washing/Grooming Animals

  • Loading up – Preparation

  • Traveling to you ( Las Vegas or Henderson Area)

  • Strive for early arrival for advanced setup

  • Animal handlers to hand-walk ponies and watch over animals

  • clean up during the duration of your rental

  • and Animals ready to party. – Then back to our barnyard.

Attention: Events, Churches, Schools, Festivals, etc...
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