Cancellation and Rescheduling


Please Note, To prevent Loss Opportunity,Pony Party Time has a STRICT RESCHEDULING AND CANCELLATION POLICY.

  • Cancellations AND Reschedules without advance notice are financially detrimental and have a negative impact our company.
  • Under good faith, our company reserves a customers requested date, time frame, reserved animals and scheduled staff to attend an event. If a client cancels their booking our company endures loss opportunities and have lost out on other booking opportunities.
  • Our company relies on proceeds from events/parties to care for the animals, Including rescues, retired and rehabilitated farm animals.
  • A client would not want our company to cancel an event on them, please show the same courtesy and do the same for us.

Pony Party Time will have legal right in pursuant of any fees, fines or money therefore owed for acceptance of services booked with Pony Party Time; whether services are rendered, or not rendered.  


A Customer may RESCHEDULE their event under these guidelines:

Rescheduling Exemption(s):

  • Rescheduling due to inclement weather on day of the booked event is allowed only if client notifies us at least 3 hours prior to their scheduled event and before we are traveling to the event or have arrived for set up. Otherwise full payment of remaining balance is owed, and payment needs to be collected that day to avoid late fees or collections.
  • Natural disaster, Act of War in the area, federally mandated pass law to stay home, marshal law is established or quarantine of the city in which the party or event is booked to take place. Your event will be postponed and rescheduled; deposit(s) will be transferred to another date and time that our company confirms we are available to attend with your recommendation on new date(s) and time(s) you prefer.

Our companies Cancellation & Rescheduling Clause:

The following is a small list (but not limited to) that does not constitutes a valid reason for cancellation or rescheduling of an event:

  • potential low attendance: you will never know how many guests can or cannot attend; it is not our responsibility if you do not have the number of guests that you “prefer” to have attended or rsvp.
  • Lack of funding: by booking with our company, Client guarantees that you have the funds/monies saved to make final payment and can afford to pay the amount you have legally agreed to by signature.
  • A damaged venue or venue/location that will not allow our rentals to attend: Client is responsible for knowing the venue policy prior to booking our services)
  • Event was cancelled: you are responsible for whether the event takes place, not us.
  • Medical reasons for anyone in the family except the birthday child: A doctors verbal or written verification to our company is required to confirm there is a medical reason that the child cannot attend their party.
  • All events are "rain or shine" unless otherwise stipulated. The Host/Hostess (you the customer) is responsible to provide an
    alternate indoor or shelter/shade location in the event of rain drizzle, breezes, etc. If the weather is "Inclement or severe", we offer a rescheduling option.

It is the responsibility of the client to insure everything runs smoothly for their event without preventing our company from attending.  It is our companies responsibility to make sure everything runs smoothly on our end and that we attend.

 Rescheduling Guidelines:

  • Rescheduling is for emergency situations only &/or due to inclement weather. Proof of "said" emergency will need to be provided to PONY PARTY TIME in-order to be granted a rescheduling.
  • Customer must notify PONY PARTY TIME immediately upon request to reschedule via text message702-591-1942 AND email
  • Pony Party Time must be able to confirm availability to accommodate the customer newly requested date and time in-order for the customer event (date/time) to be change. Customer must work with our availability otherwise it will be considered a cancellation and cancellation policy and fee's will be billed/invoiced to the client for payment.
  • Rescheduling must NOT be requested 7 days or less Prior to the already scheduled event date & time booked with PONY PARTY TIME. Unless due to inclement weather. (Severe weather conditions). Upon Pony Party Time approval
  • Upon request to reschedule to a new date and time accepted by both Pony Party Time and the client, the client debit or credit card on file will be charged a $50 Rescheduling fee towards a new date retainer/deposit. A Card processing convenience fee will be applied to cover card processing fees. Failure to pay the new date retainer/deposit, the booking will be considered a cancellation and Pony Party Time cancellation policy and fee's will be billed/invoice to the client for payment.
  • The Customer will be given  3 Months from the time of request to reschedule their event to reschedule and have Pony Party Time work the new event.
  • There is no guarantee from PONY PARTY TIME that the customer newly requested date and time for their event will be available. In the instance where a requested date and/or time will not work for Pony Party Time, the customer remaining paid balance (not including original and newly collected security deposit) will become a credit to use towards other services offered by Pony Party Time. Pony Party Time reserves all rights on the availability for services that the company offers.
  • If Pony Party Time has received full payment for clients booked event before rescheduling notice from Customer; then the customer will receive a credit to use towards their next event booked with Pony Party Time. Customer may also use their unused credit towards other services offered through Pony Party Time. The non-refundable/non-transferable security Deposit(s) will not be a part of the credit. Credits are only valid for up to 3 months after rescheduling is requested by customer.

How to Cancel or Reschedule your reservation

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email us at AND text message us at 702-591-1942. All cancellations or rescheduling must be sent to us in writing. We will not accept voicemail or phone call.

Cancellation &/or Rescheduling fees are charged/billed to the client since rental(s) have been held, staff put on notice to work, and rentals/trucks & trailers are prepared for the rental order. These fees help recuperate the labor and potential lost rentals for holding the rentals and the “loss opportunity” we’ve endured. If payment is not paid accordingly & promptly; the debit/credit card on file will be charged (with Convenience processing fees). If card is declined, you the client will be sent an invoice to be paid. Failure to pay the invoice then client is sent to collections &/or legal action will be perused for full payment owed along with any other fee’s including but not limited to Pony Party Time lawyer(s), court filing fee’s, mediation, etc will be requested for reimbursement.



Cancellation Policy:

31 Day Notice of Cancellation is Required to avoid cancelation fees.

Deposit is non-refundable & non-transferable under any circumstance(s).

Cancellations received within the 31-day window of event date will be handled accordingly

  • 15-30 Days Notice – A Cancellation Fee of 25% of the Rental Items Will be Charged
  • 5-14 Days Notice – A Cancellation Fee of 50% of the Rental Items Will be Charged
  • 1-4 Days Notice – A Cancellation fee of 75% of the Rental Items will be charged.

How fee is calculated:

Deposit (-) remaining balance owed (x) Cancellation Fee % = Owed & charged.

* Exceptions – Management reserves the right to make exceptions or allowances to payment and cancellation policies on a case by case basis as deemed necessary. Any and all arrangements must be in writing and signed by the manager authorizing such arrangements.

Rescheduling Policy:

30 Day Notice of Rescheduling is Required to avoid rescheduling fee and a $50 date retainer/deposit needs to be paid. (non-refundable/non-transferable)

Previously paid deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable for reschedules under any circumstance.

Rescheduling requests received within the 31-day window of event date will be handled accordingly:

  • 15-30 Days Notice – A Rescheduling Fee of 25% of the Rental Items Will be Charged
  • 5-14 Days Notice – A Rescheduling Fee of 50% of the Rental Items Will be Charged
  • 1-4 Days Notice – A Rescheduling fee of 75% of the Rental Items will be charged.

How fee is calculated:

Deposit (-) remaining balance owed (x) Rescheduling Fee % = Owed & charged.