Things to Know & Follow

Q & A / Terms for hire & Participation rules

Servicing Southern Nevada Areas Only

( Las Vegas, North Las Vegas & Henderson areas)

Booking Information

Please Book Early to Insure Our Availability

1) Please CONTACT US to check availability

Email at:
CALL/ TEXT MESSAGE at 702-591-1942


Send us a TEXT MESSAGE as we may be with a client, at an event, out of the office or playing with the animals

Please Contact us so we may check our availability to schedule an available event date & time.

2)Decide what Pony Ride &/or Petting Farm package you need for your occasion.

We offer Traveling & Mobile :

  • Riding Ponies Mobile to you.
  • Petting Farm Animals traveling to you.
  • Pony Rides & Petting Farm Animals combined.
  • Unicorn Rentals
  • Golden Knight themed riding pony
  • Motorized Riding Ponies ( as seen in malls)
  • Llama & Mini Donkey “fiesta” rentals
  • Other animal rentals

3) When ready to book your event, please click on “BOOK HERE” tab at the top every page
*This will gather your events details & email it directly to us.
* we will email you back re-confirming the information you submitted to us (if available)

How do I Reserve my time and date?

At the top of our website,click on “BOOK HERE “ tab.

This will take you to the online form to fill out your events details and submit.

To make an reservation which reserves your date and time for your Pony or Petting Farm Animal Event

How long in advance do I need to book my party or event?

We recommend that you book as soon as possible if you know your event or parties date & time and immediately after we CONFIRMED our availability.

Pony Party Time is on a “first booked, First served” basis.

As we are a very popular business…. You might want to book sooner, than regret it later.

Note: Pony Party Time can not & will not hold a date & time WITHOUT our online reservation booking form being completed and/or the deposit being paid.

Deposit & Payment Information


We require a deposit of $100.00 & $5 insurance fee & card processing surcharge (which is non-refundable for any reason) but may be applied to another available date if rescheduling is necessary due to severe weather (see Terms for Hire page for more details). The Remaining Balance is due in CASH or Cashier check upon our arrival to set up at your party or Paid for in advance  via Card processing (plus surcharge added). You may pay your remaining balance prior to your scheduled date/time with us.

LARGER EVENTS: (Ex. Churches, HOA, Schools, etc) Full payment is required to reserve your event, Due after booking within 1-2 weeks via  online invoicing pay, Cash, Check or Charge Card is acceptable.

Hours of Operation

** During the Hot months (MAY, JUNE, JULY & AUGUST )
we must be able to give the animals a break from work if needed.


Before 11:30 am and after 6pm is when the animals can attend. We do reserve the right to adjust time as needed to accomodate the welfare and comfort of the animals on hotter days.

  • A Water hose nearby to provide fresh water
  • We cannot work when it is hot with the farm animals,they get hot fast and we don’t want anyone to become ill.
  • Bunnies are not guaranteed for your party if it is to hot outside.
  • The best time for the farm is later in the evening around 6/7pm & Later or earlier in the morning before noon.

We reserve all rights for the safety of our animals and to ensure you have a quality time at your event with the animals.

WINTER  MONTHS: Any time is good, winter is normally beautiful.

Pony Rides Participation Rules for Hire


1) No riding double- 1 child at a time on a pony. (insurance policy)
2) Please do not allow the children (or parents) to run around, under, behind or in front of the ponies.
We ask that all children line up in a line and wait for their turn, this will help us not be delayed in walking the ponies so each child can enjoy riding the ponies.
NO Dogs near ponies: dogs may be very dangerous as they nip, bark and chase ponies so please keep them locked up.
NO “Guns”, Balloons(or balloon artists), Trash or Hitting near or on ponies. (*not limited to)
4)Riding Ponies & Animals require a 5 to 10-minute break every hour.
Please have water hose easily accessible.
5) Weight limit:
Medium ponies: No child over 75/85 lbs
Smaller ponies: No child over 60 Lbs.

Our insurance requires weight limits/restrictions on the ponies. This way our handlers/volunteers are able to physically and as safely plus humanly possible take a child off in the case where the kid(s) may need to be taken off immediately, they will be able to try to do so in a prompt manner. it is a safety measure we must obey.

Older/larger children or adults are more than welcome to pet the pony’s and snap selfies with them.. Just ask the pony handler.

Children must be at least the age of 1 yrs old to ride a pony .
Smaller children need to have parent/guardian or adult walk with them next to ponies and help hold the child.
Smaller children (typically 4yrs and under) do not have the balance that older children have, so please help us hold your baby.
Failure to do so is the parent/guardian’s own fault.
7) Space Requirements / Recommendation :
We do need some walking room for the ponies of at least 12×12, bigger is better!!
Ponies can walk on dirt, driveway, asphalt, grass,concrete… can walk in back yards, flat drive ways, cul-de-sac, dirt paths, etc…
Pony’s should not walk on rocks, deep sand, slope’s or ice.

8)Parents/Adults are required to put children ON AND OFF the pony.
9)Smaller children must have adult/parent hold onto them during the pony rides. Please remember that your toddler is young and possibly wearing a diaper.. and diapers wobble. Please hold your baby on the pony. They trust you also.

10) No feeding the animals. We do not want a finger to get caught in the mouth or the pony fed a poisonous plant.


We prefer a shaded grassy area if it is hot out side for the animals.
If you do not have grass for the animals, let us know, we will bring shavings(additional charge) or soft hay for comfort.
**Don’t worry, if you do not have grass, either dirt, small pebbles, concrete,are all fine for the farm animals.
PETTING ZOO SET UP- a space at least 12×12 or 12×24 depending on the size of farm we will be providing for your event.
Any age is fine for the petting zoo, if the child is small, please have an adult/parent accompany the child with the animals.
There is an animal handler with the farm to ensure everyone is offered antibacterial hand sanitizer and to answer any questions the children or parents may have.
If a child would like the animal handler to hold a smaller critter so the child(ren) may get a closer look & pet, please ask the handler and we would be more than happy to do so.
Petting Farm animals are not for Riding.
No child is to try to ride the farm animals.
Only the riding pony’s with saddles and handlers are for riding.
Please don’t allow any children to hit, kick, pick up,squeeze, chase or poke at the farm friends….. thanks

Motorized Riding Ponies


The motorized riding ponies need at least 12×12.

Can only be ridden on flat smooth surfaces.

Great in Culdesacs, flat non bumpy driveways or garages work well.

Not on Rocks or dirt.

Depending on the Motorized Pet, they hold between 180-200 lbs.

Parent supervision and participation is required.

Adults must hold and help their children on these rides.

Special Appearance Animals ( Ie. Unicorn, Golden Knight, Llama, Mini Donkey, etc


  • Unicorn
  • llama
  • mini donkey
  • alpaca
  • or another special appearance animal (ex bunnies for easter)

The unicorns or other special appearance animals (ie. fiesta donkey, llama, alpaca, golden knight pony) are not for riding. They can stand in the least “hectic and crazy” area at your event/party where there are no balloons or people to walk through to get in & out of the area.


These animals are for meet/ greet guests, picture opportunities or pettings.

These animals can not walk through your guests or around, they are to stand in one location for safety reasons.

No balloons, dogs, or other “dangerous” items to be located around them.

How Much Space do we need?

PONY RIDES: For the Ponies we recommend at least a 12×12 foot area. The larger the area, the better, but we have never so far not been able to find a place to walk the ponies.

We will not walk our ponies on wet asphalt as this is a safety hazard. Ponies can walk on grass, non slippery pavement, dirt, and other reasonable walking areas. Ponies can not walk on rocks, ice or deep sand.

Ponies cannot be ridden double under any circumstances.
Children must be at least 1 year old to ride at birthday parties, and 2 years old at larger events, with parent or adult.

THE PETTING ZOO: Smaller parties; 10×10 foot. Larger events; 12×12 foot.
The more room we are given, the more fencing we can put up. If the Petting Zoo needs Artifical grass to put ontop of concrete or asphalt, please let us know in advance, as it is limited. Your responsible for providing shade and water.

THE MOTORIZED RIDING PONIES:  The motorized riding ponies need at least 12×12. Flat surface. Culdesacs, flat non bumpy driveways or garages work well. Not on Rocks or dirt.

Cancellation Policy & Rescheduling options ~ Bad Weather


  • Cancellation Due To Severe or Bad Weather might* Be Applied to Another Available Date.
  • Pony Party Time must be notified of the change before we leave the farm, Cancellation is based on our best judgment of the weather situation.
  • There is no refunding deposit; however UPON OUR BEST JUDGEMENT & DETERMINED BY THE CIRCUMSTANCE, PONY PARTY TIME MIGHT ALLOW an event or party to be rescheduled to an alternative date in case of inclement weather. (severe) such as hail, tornado, extreme heatwave)

I booked my event/party, can I request a SERVICE CHANGE ?

Yes, you can always request to ADD an upgrade to your party reservation.
Please contact us so we may approve your additional request.
If we can accommodate your request, we will confirm via email or text (in writing).

Upgrades would include
* Adding more riding Ponies
* Adding the petting farm friends
* Hosting your party at our Barnyard Venue
* Adding more time

Can I Degrade my services, change a date/time, etc?
Unfortunately NO, you can not request to change your date & Time, alter your scheduled time frame with us, or deduct a service once you have booked with us. Why? you might ask….

Great Question….. We do not deduct our services from what you originally booked with us because we have already committed those services to you. If you request the petting farm animals, and we keep them just for your party, then you request to not have the petting farm at your party… That is not only unfair to us, but it is unfair to all the other clients who had called in and requested that those cute petting farm be apart of their special celebration and were denied as Pony Party Time designated them just for your event.

Please remember that you agreed to our terms upon booking:
I understand that Requesting a Change or alteration to my reservation after finishing this booking agreement is not an option. Such requests would be; requesting to change my party date / time or reducing original time frame booked or reducing service(s) you originally selected with PONY PARTY TIME. If I need to add additional services (upon my written request via email or text) & PONY PARTY TIME approves, I may upgrade and add those services requested. Upgraded services would include adding more riding pony(s), adding more time with the animals or the petting farm animals to your party (Please see Q & A on our website for details)

Yes, I will not request Pony Party Time to deduct service(s), alter time frame (such as 2-4 to 2-3) or alter date/Time that I booked with Pony Party Time. If I need to add additional services, I will write a request and wait for the approval.

No Dog Policy

Dog policy:
Please keep all dogs and any other animals restrained or put away during the event. If there is a loose dog the ponies or animals will be stopped until the dog is away. Excited or intimidating dogs that rush at animals can be a serious safety hazard. This is for the safety of the children and the dog.

Why are parents required to load their child onto the ponys?

We require parents (or other family members) to help load their children onto the ponys for several reasons:
1) Stranger Danger !!! By the child having their parent or adult friend lift them onto the pony, this makes sure that no one is accidentally grabbing a child the wrong way. Plus, the children dont really know us… they know there parent!
2) SAFETY !!
We are huge on Safety. By an adult helping the child onto the pony, This will help the pony handler make sure that the pony stands and waits for the child to be loaded. This way we dont “accidentally” pull on a pony’s face while trying to load a child on. If a pony’s face is tugged on, then the pony may walk forward.
-Having Riding Pony’s at the event for riding is supposed to be Interactive & Fun for the FAMILY! By having an able parent (dads are great!) load their child onto the pony, this is bonding time. The parents are watching, laughing, taking pictures and keeping an eye on their children.. which is what parenting is all about? Plus the parent can then have the opportunity to get as many cute pictures as they would like of their child riding a pony after being loaded.
( you would NOT just put your small/younger child on a ride at Disney Land without accompanying them or making sure that they are properly loaded would you??? we hope not … same applies to the Pony Rides… it is a ride, just like at an amusement park)
– In all honesty, Pony Walkers/Handlers are at an event to walk the pony’s and have fun with the kids….. NOT to break their back’s picking up and unloading 100’s of children during the weekend or even a day…… If we break our backs, then we wont be able to attend other events to share the Pony Riding Magic. We rotate Riding Pony’s and Petting Animals during the day and weekend… they hardly get worked… But us animals Handlers do not get a break…. so please be kind, and help us out, we do 80% of the work, and the animals only 20% with rotation!!!

Thank you for understanding! 🙂 This will keep your event FUN for ALL!!!

We hope that all the parents or adult supervisors who brought the children to the event would want to participate, have fun, interact and get great pictures of the children after they have helped load them onto the cute, clean and well-behaved pony’s.

Can the children feed the animals?

For the petting zoo: we bring out hay and water buckets for the animals to eat and drink from. We do not allow anyone to feed the animals. allowing anyone to feed an animal makes the animals think that they are dependent upon a child to get their food from. this can make any animal bossy, pushy and snappy. by allowing the animals to eat out of their food bucket, they will not endanger a child by jumping on them or nipping at their hands thinking that they are their food source. It is just like your dog at the dinner table, if you hand feed your dog when you eat, then they will begin to snap at your hand anytime your eating to get a bite, the dog may jump on you or your kitchen table, become pushy and knock you down. We dont want this to happen to any child or adult
Due to POISONOUS PLANTS; event IF we were able to allow the kids to feed the animals; their would be a much higher risk of a child “plucking” off leaves from a surrounding plant that may be very TOXIC to the animals. Children are very fast at times, and we do not want to chance having one of our animals poisoned to death. This is another reason why we let the animals eat only the food we bring to your event and do not allow anyone to feed them. We love our animals like you love your children 🙂
for the ponys: Same thing but with bigger teeth. we dont want a kid to put their hand by a pony’s mouth and have our pony think that it is food(carrot). this is why we provide feed for the ponys in thier horse trailer to and from events. they have water to drink from.
If you would really like to give the animals a treat..ex. carrots, apples, etc.
Feel free to give a bag to your supervisor or animal handler. We will give the treats to the animals once they are in the trailer after your event and they wont associate kids at an event with food to snap at. The animals do love treats, so feel free to provide extra goodies to the animals after they did a great job at your event! 🙂

Liability Release

Note From Pony Party Time: Fortunately we have never had an incident or accident with a child and pony in a long time we have been serving parents and their children in pony rides and petting zoo animals. But please understand that there are some risk involve just like allowing your child to swim in a pool or jump in a bounce house or driving in a car, or riding their bike on the sidewalk and even when they go to school. We believe in informing parents, and any company who does not tell you everything is hiding something.

This is a typical release warning/waiver that you would read and/or sign if you were to go on a guided trail ride, or take riding lessons, or even go to show grounds where horses are! Don’t let this scare you.


I, we, as a guardian/parent, supervisor,or responsible party, acknowledge the risks and potential risks of horseback/pony riding, including risk of bodily injury or death resulting from kicks and bites, falling off horse/pony or horse/pony falling on rider, being dragged by a foot caught in the stirrups, being thrown by horse/pony, equipment failure or collision with horses/pony or vehicles or other inanimate objects. I hereby, intending to be legally bound for myself, my child(ren),my heirs and assigns, executors or administrators, waive and release forever all claims for damages against PONY PARTY TIME , its board of directors, instructors, therapists, volunteers and/or Employees for any and all injuries and/or losses I may sustain as a result of use of PONY PARTY TIME on the property, equipment, or facilities.
Ride At Own Risk.
Riding Helmet is recommended. IF you choose not to have your child wear a helmet, then you waive all rights and assume all risks.

Where do the proceeds go towards?

A Quick Note :As everyone knows, animals are a full time commitment, both financially & time wise.While the staff & volunteers at Pony Party Time do have other occupations during the weekdays in which provides the humans with food, shelter and necessities of life……All the Net Profit from the services Pony Party Time provides, such as kid Camps, is applied directly to the care for the farm animal friends such as feed, supplements, veterinarian, farrier and other costs associated with housing animals; including our special rescue, retired & rehabilitated farm animals who we give a new home to.A portion of the net proceeds are now being applied towards THE BARNYARD FOUNDATION, our non-profit pending animal therapy for children organization geared at helping children who are grieving the loss of a family member, facing divorce or separation of parents in the home, coping with a parent on military leave, dealing with an illness or disorder such as autism, been place in the foster care system, and much more..Thank you for your support… Children & Animals are WORTH IT !!


We keep our prices low. our hourly rates (typically) include transportation, set up & clean up, Decorations on riding ponies to closely match your party theme or event colors, clean cute animals, pony & petting farm animal handlers, and professionalism.
This is why we personally compare our services and prices to any competitors to make sure you are getting the best deal and safest, cleanest animals in town!

WE ARE WORTH IT!! = Safety, Fun, Quality, Experience, Educational and ZERO accident ratio + Themed riding ponies and celebrity farm animals as seen on ANIMAL PLANET, DISCOVERY, WELDER UP, TANKED, COMMERCIALS, MUSIC VIDEOS & BILLBOARDS!!

Can I get a discount?

Unfortunately NO at this time..

We try to keep our prices low for everyone.

With the rise of cost of feeding animals( hay and grains), veterinarian costs, farrier costs, Gas Costs, Handlers time, Insurance costs, facility/Farm costs, decoration costs, truck and trailer maintenance and tires costs, and so much more (which does not include our time with the animals 7 days a week; feeding, cleaning, washing, buying food, scrubbing buckets, care and so much more!!) We can not give any discounts out at this time. We are doing everything possible to make sure you have the best farm animals and we are trying to not raise our prices on everyone because of the tough economy..we cant do this without our set prices listed on our website. We hope you understand that we care for animals while being an interactive learning opportunity to children at your event … offerings, it helps both children and animals!!

thanks for your support and understanding.

If you have a budget & price range,please let us know. We will come up with what package works for your event.

This way Pony Party Time can attend your event with the fun interactive learning animals.

Can PONY PARTY TIME donate or work for FREE???

Unfortunately, we are unable to work or donate any time for free. As much as we love to interact with the children, educate both kids and adults about the farm animals at every event possible; we are not in a position during this hard economy to do so. Animals are a non stop cost. Although we try to have a “party” time with the kids and at events…. we also rescue, rehabilitate and aid in the retirement of farm animals at our facility. This in itself is a full time job with high costs to do so. Plus, we educate non stop about animals, their well being, proper care, etc.

An great option that works for others, is to request money from an sponsor or sponsors. These people, organizations, companies..etc can sponsor our animals to be at your special event and in many times they receive a special thank you either from an announcement during the event, or banner, or in the brochure, etc. We can also put their banner on our zoo panels that they provide, etc.

Of course, Pony Party Time would be more than happy to send a shout out to all our email list, on our twitter and Facebook pages, and on our website to thank the sponsor(s) for their support to kids and animals!!!! 🙂

This way it is a win-win situation. The animals are still able to be properly cared for feed, veterinarian care, proper farm facility to live at, etc… and the sponsor receives advertisement and a write off also 🙂

Or If you have a budget & price range, we can see what package works for your event.

This way Pony Party Time can attend with the fun party animals, without hurting either party financially.


We strive to offer the safest and well-mannered ponies. we keep our ponies in training and used a lesson ponies at all times during the week. Even though the ponies are highly trained, we refuse to let them sit all week long and then chance to put your child or their friend on the pony and “hope” the pony will behave. But do always remember that animals are animals and we can not predict or anticipate their next move or attitude, just like children.

Please remember, all animals are unpredictable, just like humans, cars, airplanes, the weather, etc. Please hold onto your smaller child while they are on the pony.

Do the animals like coming to our events?

YES!! YES!! YES!!!

Animals love attention. 🙂

This is great for the animals to gain love, attention and affection from the children.

You wouldn’t ignore your dog or cat? then why ignore ponies and petting zoo farm animals??

The animals are able to interact with different people every month… this makes for happier animals!!

Ponies and Horses are designed to work or feel needed. By being able to provide a ride to your child or their friends, this is an accomplishment to the pony’s. Just like riding a horse on a trail ride, or going to a competition, they love the different smells, interactions, and training they receive. And at the end of the day when they get home and receive their treats, they know that they did good!!

Petting Zoo farm animals are just like your dog or cat. They thrive on attention, kind petting and lovings from both children and adults. This keeps them trusting humans, loving life, not bored, and entertained!!

So please dont feel bad for the animals. Not only are they happy & treated right at home with the greenest grass, large running space, fresh water, and weekly baths before events to be sparkly clean…. , they get a bonus other animals are missing out on… YOU & YOUR GUESTS LOVE, AFFECTION AND ATTENTION EVENT AFTER EVENT!!


the interactive and educational yet fun farm animals 🙂

Why was Pony Party Time established?

Pony Party Time was started after a love and passion for sharing our beautiful riding ponies and petting farm friends brought much joy & happiness to our animals after receiving love, affection,and attention from nearby neighbor children who would come and play with the farm friends. Since animals require a lot of maintenance & upkeep to provide proper care, nutrients,a farm facility, routine veterinarian visits and much more; Pony Party Time was established. It is a WIN – WIN for all!! Children (and even adults) are able to form a bond with the animals, become more educated on the farm way of life, and even bring joy to their life with a smile on their face…. and on our side, we are able to provide the care needed for the farm and the animals, and even contribute to other farm animals or ponies in need. That’s right… When you book with us, you are helping us aid in rescuing, rehabilitating and providing a caring home for retired farm animals at our farm. Thank You!

Who said that learning or interacting with Farm Animals has to be boring? Lets bring the fun into the experience in which encourages children to learn and like.

We work closely to strive that you have the best experience possible with the least amount of stress. We keep our prices low, we keep everything simple, we show up and provide to the best of our ability every time!!!