Pony Parties & Packages

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All Pricing Below includes:

Washing/Grooming Animals, Loading up, Traveling to you, Strive for early arrival for advanced setup, Animal handlers to hand-walk ponies and watch over animals, clean up during the duration of your rental and decorated ponies ready to party.

  • Washing/Grooming Animals
  • Loading up
  • Traveling to you ( Las Vegas or Henderson Area)
  • Strive for early arrival for advanced setup
  • Animal handlers to hand-walk ponies and watch over animals
  • clean up during the duration of your rental
  • and Animals ready to party. – Then back to our barnyard.
  • Over 15 years of providing our services. Experience is EVERYTHING!
  • Licensed, Insured, USDA Certified & Veterinarian Health Certs.
  • Certified in Animal therapy & activities.
  • Certified in Animal Massage & Care.

Premium Service Provider!

Don’t be fooled, there is a difference in quality, service, and animals.

We are the company your friends & neighbors recommend & rehire.

Pricing for Pony Parties:

1 hour2 hours3 Hours
2 Riding Ponies $200$300$400
3 Riding Ponies $

Add- On our other Rentals:

 **Discounted Package Pricing

** Add-On(s) must be booked for the same length and scheduled time frame as the Petting Zoo for the discount pricing listed below to be applied.

Add-On Petting Zoo $100 (per hour)
*add-on llama, alpaca,mini horse or mini donkey to zoo$50
per hr/animal
Add-On Special Appearance Unicorn$100 (Per hour)
Add-On Special Appearance Golden Knight pony$100 (per hour)
Add-On 1 Motorized Pet on Wheels$50 (per Hour)
Add-On 2 Motorized Pets on Wheels $80 (per hour)
Add-On 3 Motorized Pets on Wheels$110 (per hour)
Add-On Fiesta Llama (special appearance)$100 (Per hour)
Add-On Fiesta Donkey (special appearance($100 per hour)
Add- On small Bunny Zoo $80 ( per hour)
Add- On Bunny Yoga $80 (per hour)


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You can add-on other rentals at a discounted price for more FUN!


Pony Parties! … Lets Giddy Up for a Pony-Full Time

Petting Zoo – Barnyard Experience



Special Appearance Golden Knight Themed Pony for Meet & Greets, Picture Opps & pettings.


Have a Llama or Alpaca Lover?.. Surprise them!
Or have a Llama-Tastic Party!.. Great for Fiesta Themed Birthday Celebrations, Anniversary & Weddings.


Fiesta Themed Mini Donkeys! ..
Great for Weddings, Photography Sessions, Tacos & Tequila Parties & more!


More Info & Pricing Here

MOTORIZED RIDING ANIMALS: ( Hold up to 200 lbs.)

More Information & Pricing Here

PONY RIDES– Things to know

The Party Ponies travel to your location to celebrate your child’s birthday party or special event.
The Ponies are for riding, petting, entertainment and to take “selfies” with.

The riding ponies can be decorated to closely match your parties theme or colors.

Party Theme Ideas:

  • My Little Pony’s (Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, Rarity)
  • Fairy Tale
  • Cowgirl & Cowboy
  • Western themed
  • Disney Movie “Toy Story”
  • Sheriff Cali
  • Cowgirl Chick (Pink, Burlap & Lace)
  • Country Hoedown
  • Farm Theme ~ Old Mac Donald
  • Circus & Carnival Animals
  • Disney Movie “Frozen” with Snowflakes
  • Unicorn & Knight
  • Royal Princess & Prince
  • Disney movie “Brave”
  • Pokemon horse characters
  • Wild West
  • Disney Movie “Tangled”
  • Fairy land Ponies & Magical Garden
  • Unicorns & Rainbows
  • Littlest Pet Shop (Pink, Blue, Green)
  • Dinosaur (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow)
  • Minnie & Mickey Mouse ( Red & Pink with Mouse Ears)
  • Halloween themed Ponies – Pumpkin – witch (orange, black, purple)
  • and so much more!…

YES, YOU CAN HIRE OUR PONIES (Or Animals) FOR your Personal or Family PHOTO SHOOTS TOO! Click here for Details

Weight Restrictions:

Remember, We provide PONIES, not Large HORSES….

Ponies are meant to only carry a certain amount of weight for safety reasons!

Birthday Parties: Medium Ponies can carry 75 lbs & Under     Smaller Ponies can carry 60 lbs & Under.

If you have older children, Teenagers or adults ; PLEASE HIRE THE PETTING ZOO, UNICORN &/OR THE MOTORIZED “PONY PALS” along with the Riding Ponies so they are entertained too.

*Restrictions are Set forth by our insurance company as Safety Precautions & Safety Measures*

Great for Ages  

1 yr old to 7 yr old. Some 8 -10  year olds are small enough to ride.

All ages are allowed to pet, snap pictures with and enjoy the beautiful ponies.

Ponies CAN walk on Dirt, Cement, Concrete or Grass.

 Ponies CAN NOT walk on rocks or go up & down steep hills !

Do Not ask us to walk Ponies up or down Stairs ; or to go through your house; or near a pool, please & thank you.

Great Places to Ride Ponies:

 Driveways, Cul-de-sac, Front Yard, Back Yard, Side Yard, Community Park, HOA parks are great places to ride.

*Do You need more riding ponies to attend?
*Do you need more time with the ponies? CONTACT US for a custom quote*