Riding Lessons

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Quality, Fun , Interactive and educational horseback (or pony) Riding Lessons for children & Adults !!

From Beginners to advanced riders. We Specialize in Western Riding Such as Barrel racing and pole bending, Gymkhana events, Trail Riding , Horsemanship, Showmanship, Reining, Etc...


Book a Lesson Today! Not only will you or your child have fun, but its great exercise to!!
Many schools accept horse back riding to substitute as a PE course & you can receive an college scholarship.

Riding Lessons is a great Gift to Give..... As us about our Gift Certificates.

We offer Horses for adults and Pony's for the kid's.
Enjoy MOMMY (or Dad) & ME Riding Classes also!!

*Riding Horses and pony's is a great experience for kids.
*Teaches discipline, responsibility, and how to love an animal.
*Learning how to ride when your younger will give kids an opportunity to create a bond with their lesson horse/pony and give them great balance.
*Riding teaches hand coordination and focus.
*We enjoy teaching kids how to ride because it is fun, interactive & educational.
*Affordable Prices.
*Family Friendly
*Kid Friendly.

Whether your child would like to ride for enjoyment or they have a bit of a competitive side, we would love to help them become the best they can be and have fun at the same time.
We go over how to care for the pony, grooming and tacking up, warm up process, balance, posture, setting up the events, and other fun activities for kiddo's to do in or out of the saddle.
give us a call today @ 702-591-1942 (text or call) to schedule your child's, or mom or dad's riding lesson.

Because we care, and are knowledgeable!! it is affordable!!
$30 for 30 minutes.
$60 for 50 minutes.
2 children (25 minutes each) for $50.
Mommy & Me Lesson $80 for 1 hour

*how long your lesson will be all depends on each individual learning ability and attention span.

Please Note:
Credit card on file is required for booking riding lesson.
Card will be charged for Cancellations, Rescheduling, or An Additional Add-On's.
24 hour Cancellation notice is required. Cancellation fee is $20. .
Cancellation Fee must be paid before booking an new lesson date/time.
An Service charge will apply for the card processor transaction.
No show forfeits the riding lesson for that day. No Refunds.
If you arrive late, your lesson time will be deducted depending on how late you arrive.


About Tami Brooke, your riding instructor:

Began riding horses and pony's at a young age. Has been dedicated to learning all about horses and western riding disciplines including Gymkhana when younger, Barrel Racing in organizations such as National Barrel Horse Association & American West 4d, Assistant Trainer which including involvement with young horses -- from starting a colt to riding in the show pen. Tami has enjoyed riding in Barrel Racing, Reining (considered the "English dressage" of western riding), Team penning/Team Sorting, Mounted shooting, along with trail riding organizations such as Rough Riders and Drinkers of the Wind. Handling equine of all ages, variety of breeds, disciplines and genders; Including stallions, mares, foals/colts/filly's, etc.

A few noted accomplishments: National Barrel Horse association (NBHA) Nevada state champion (up till finals which involved the main barrel horse being unable to compete from a small sprain in the front leg), Lucky 7 arena record holder, Tom Collins series 1D barrel champion and buckle winner, and much more.

Riding Lesson Information for Children or Adults:
What does it cost? Prices range from: $30 for ½ hour or $50 for 1 hour.
If you have more than 1 child,
we can apply a discount with 2 kids for 1 hour (20 min each child) for $50.
We recommend starting with ½ hour for younger children... as their attention is not as lengthy as older children.

Where are you located? North West of Las Vegas. We will give you an address once booked as we are private and do not allow unexpected visitors to "pop in" at anytime without scheduling.

What is so great about riding lessons for children (& Adults)? You child can learn how to balance on a horse/pony, groom and tack, how to behave around a pony, and also learn how to go through fun patterns and obstacles, learn how to control their pony, and depending on the age: they can learn to go as fast as mom/dad and child are comfortable going 🙂

What do you specialize in? We specialize is Western Riding Such as Barrel racing and pole bending, Kid Gymkhana events ,Reining (spinning and sliding & NOW OLYMPIC in America), Trail Riding , Horsemanship, Showmanship, and of course Safety!! etc... Riding lessons especially for children with safe, fun, cute, and knowledgeable pony(s) of various sizes and breeds.

What should I expect at a riding lesson? During your Riding lesson or your child's riding lesson; we will go over how to groom/tacking up/cleaning feet, learning how to “round pen” or "lounge" their pony, and include fun obstacles for them to be either hand led around or taught how to control the pony themselves. -->Techniques will be applied to each individual learning ability and pace.

Why should I or other children not be right next to my child during a lesson? Great question; we request that all other children (siblings included) as well as parents/adults stay away from the area where your child will be learning... parents and other children can either become a distraction for the participating child;which means your child may not pay close attention to their pony or what they are trying to accomplish. Or Parents (especially) can make their children either a little nervous or feel like they don’t have to listen to their pony riding instructor. Also, Parents tend to try to “know it all” when it comes to what their children participate in... which is great... But TWO Instructor’s can be very confusing to children (and the pony..lol). You can watch the progress at the last 5-10 minutes at each lesson, this is when we go over everything that was taught that day before untacking and grooming the pony :).... this way parents can see the progress, but not accidentally interfere during the entire lesson!!

***(this applies, EXCEPT at your child's first short introductory lesson of course or for Mommy & Me classes...... moms, dads, grandparents, are welcome to watch!!-- please keep other children/siblings away from pony during riding lesson time.

Did you know??
Many schools accept horse back riding to substitute as a PE course as it is physical activity. Children can even receive College Scholarships as an Equestrian rider in several riding disciplines 🙂
*Riding Horses and pony's is a great experience for kids. Teaches discipline, responsibility, and how to love an animal. Learning how to ride when your younger will your child an opportunity to create a bond with their lesson horse/pony and give them great balance.
*Who knows, they may need to use this skill when they become a famous actor or actress on movies, etc.!!! 🙂 It teaches hand co-ordination and focus. And great on future resume's to show responsibility and care for animals.
*We like to teach kids how to ride horses/pony's because it is fun, educational and a great skill to help them with the rest of their lives.
*Whether your child wants to ride for enjoyment or they have a slight competitive side, we would love to help them and have fun at the same time.
*We go over basics first, such as how to care for the pony, to grooming and tacking up, how to warm up, balance, posture and fun activities for them to do in and out of the saddle.

Where does the riding lesson proceed go to? All money collected from your riding lesson goes directly to the animals... including care, farm facility, veterinarian costs, tooth doctor (equine dentist), feet maintenance (farrier), our rescue animal's, Grain/feed/supplements/ and special dietary requirements for each individual animal.... etc. Thank you for your Support.
Please email ponypartytime@live.com
call/text 702-591-1942
to get started &
schedule a day/time for lessons.
We generally provide lesson's during the weekdays
(as weekends we are busy busy at events)
Cancellation: Please do not cancel unless it is an emergency or there is an illness/sick person involved.
We put you in our schedule and held your day/time for you.
If you cancel or reschedule, we have lost out on other riding lesson students who could have used your time/day/spot.
Please be curtious. thank you.
Picture time with the pony. You can come to us, and you or your favorite photographer (or ask us for our recommendation photographers) can take pics of your kid(s) on a pony or with a zoo animal.
Great to have to put on your invitation cards, memories, or for Christmas cards..etc.
Give us a call for pricing. 🙂


To schedule a Riding Lesson,
Text Message : 702-591-1942
email us at mail to: ponypartytime@live.com