Motorized Riding Pets on Wheels


PETS on Wheels can hold up to 200lbs! Great for kids, teenagers and most adults. Typically moms can ride with babies too! These guys are fun!

**Straw bale track and tires not included.
We can provide our cones or you can set up your own course. 😉

All Pricing includes:

Washing/Grooming Animals, Loading up, Traveling to you, Strive for early arrival for advanced setup, Animal handlers to hand-walk ponies, watch the motors and watch over animals, clean up during the duration of your rental and decorated ponies ready to party.

The motors are great on Asphalt, Concrete, Flat Driveways, Garages, Culde-sac,  parking lots, basket or tennis courts, etc. Can not be ridden on rock, grass or bumpy areas. 

If Zoo is included: We provide Fake grass for the animals to go on top off for asphalt, concrete or paver areas. Just let us know in advance.

  • Over 15 years of providing our services.
  • Licensed, Insured, USDA Certified & Veterinarian Health Certs.
  • Certified in Animal therapy & activities.
  • Certified in Animal Care & Massage Therapist.

We are the company your friends & neighbors recommend & rehire.

Don’t be fooled, there is a difference in

experience, quality, service, and animals that attend.

                            ** Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada Areas**



2 Motorized Riding Pets on Wheels

1 Hour $200

2 Hours $300

3 Hours $400


 ADD-ON other services to your rental choice above   (Discounted Package Pricing)

  • 1 Riding Pony (Add-On) $60 per hour
  • 2 Riding Pony (Add-on) $100/per hour
  • 1 More Motorized Riding Animal on wheels (Add-On) $50/per hour
  • 2 More Motorized Riding Animals on wheels (Add-On) $80/per hour
  • 3 More Motorized Riding Animals on wheels (Add-On) $110/per hour
  •  Vegas Golden Knight Themed Pony special appearance (Add-On) $100/per hour
  • Unicorn – Special Appearance Pony – (Add-On) $100/per hour
  • Fiesta Mini Donkey – Special Appearance (Add-On)   $100/per hour
  • Llama or Alpaca – Special Appearance (Add-on) $100/per hour
  • Bunny Zoo (Add-On) $80/per hour
  • PETTING ZOO /  Barnyard Animal Experience (Add-On) $100/per hour                     

   The Petting Zoo typically Includes the following:

Good Variety & Selection of:

     Bunnies, Ducks, Chickens, Sheep and Mini Goats.

Add-On a specialty animal such as:

      Llama, Mini Donkey, Mini Horse or Alpaca ($50 Per Animals/Hour)