Unicorn Rentals & Characters


We bring the magic of unicorns to life!….

                     And have been for many years now!

       Hire a Unicorn for your next:

Photography session     ~  Birthday Party Character  ~

Unicorn Celebration   ~ baby shower

 Bachelorette party   ~ Fairy Tale Wedding

Unicorn Proposal or Walk the Bride down the Isle

Event Entertainment ~ & more!

Contact us for AVAILABILITY


UNICORN RENTAL (may include):

  • Golden Horned Unicorn, Tinsel &/Or Glitter Hair, Roses around Neck and Glitter or Glossy Hoof Polish
  • 1 or 2 Unicorn Attendants who stand with the unicorn(s)  to meet and greet your guests, pose for pictures opportunities, assist with petting’s and answer guests questions.
  • Travel to and from your event. (*within Las Vegas or Henderson Area Only- additional fees apply to traveling outside these areas)
  • Offering Both White & Black Unicorn Options.

Note: we can omit any decoration for a more natural look upon request

–  Decorations are based on what we have available OR what you provide to us.

We offer 3 different options for you to have a unicorn(s) attend your party

Option #1

Add a Special appearance Unicorn to your PETTING ZOO Experience.  ( $75 Discount per hour)

Unicorn & Small Petting Zoo

1 Hour $285

2 Hours $385

Includes a good variety of each: Bunny Rabbits, Ducks, Chickens, Sheep, Mini/Baby Goats

  •  add-on Specialty Animals such as llama, Alpaca(s), Mini Donkey for $50/per hour/per animal

Option #2

Combine a Special Appearance Unicorn with a Riding Pony Pal.

The Riding Ponies you hire can give rides to the children as the Special Appearance Unicorn Meets & Greets Guests, offers Photo Opportunities and Petting’s, etc. ($75 Discount/Value.. Per Hour!) .

1 riding Pony & Unicorn

1 Hour $225

2 Hours $335

** only $100 each additional hour needed afterwards. Discounted Pricing applied.

Just select this option on the reservation form on the BOOK HERE page.

Option #3


Yes, you can Hire a Special appearance Unicorn to attend your Birthday Party or Event !

You’ve Hired spider-man, You’ve hired a princess…

……But have you ever thought of Hiring a REALISTIC LOOKING UNICORN to entertain and WOW your guests?!?!

This Unicorn is Great for Special Appearances and surprise visits !!

Although This Unicorn is not for Riding (You wouldn’t ride batman)… as it takes away from the  “Magical Unicorn” Vibe! …

But, Your Guests can Meet & Greet the Unicorn upon arriving to your specialized Party, Enjoy Photo Opportunities (think “selfies” too), Pet and experience a Unicorn up close and personal! … Our Unicorn handler would be happy to answer any questions your guests may have about “Magical Unicorns”

1 Unicorn

      1 Hour $185

      ** Only $100 each additional hour afterwards

2 Unicorns

      1 Hour  $325

   ** Only $175 Each additional Hour afterwards.

Prefer to pay more for a unicorn experience?…

Then call California!!.. their unicorns start at $900 per hour!…

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