Unicorn Rentals & Characters

We bring  the magic of unicorns to life!….

       Hire a Unicorn for your next:

Photography sessions     ~  Birthday Party Character  ~   Unicorn Celebration   ~baby shower

                                  ~ Bachelorette party   ~ wedding magic  ~ & more!


         $150 Per Hour for 1 Unicorn                     $250 Per Hour for 2 Unicorns to attend

Prefer to pay a higher price?  Please check out our competitors rates in Southern California for only 1 Unicorn:

1 Hour : $915     2 hours: $1280   3 Hours: $1,645   ** Travel isn’t included **


  • Golden Horned Unicorn with Sparkle Mane, Tinsel Hair, Roses around Neck and Glitter Hoof Polish                  (we can omit any decoration for a more natural look upon request)
  • 1 or 2 Unicorn Attendants who lead the unicorn(s) around to meet and greet your guests, pose for pictures, assist with petting’s and answer guests questions.
  • Travel to and from your event. (*within Las Vegas or Henderson Area Only- additional fees apply to traveling)
  • Offering Both White & Black Unicorns.

**  Some of the “Cute” Unicorn Pictures below are for Riding Unicorns at birthday Parties… They are more fun.. Not “Realistic” **  The Pricing above is for “Realistic Unicorns” for meet and greets, plus Petting’s and Pictures